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JavaScript Bible, Gold Edition

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JavaScript Bible, Gold Edition
by Danny Goodman, Brendan Eich

Hardcover: 1600 pages
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0764547186; Bk&Cd-Rom edition (July 2001)

The JavaScript Bible, Gold Edition covers the new powerful functionality JavaScript gains with the release of the new fifth generation revisions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. The book includes all the great content included in the JavaScript Bible, 4th Edition, an international bestseller, plus over 400 pages of new material. The Gold Bible features essential new JavaScript information, additional ready -to-use JavaScript applications and scores of additional JavaScripts and Web page routines. This book will bring programmers and non-technical professionals, including casual programmers and scripters, painlessly up to speed on all aspects of mastering JavaScript. Key topics include programming fundamentals, JavaScript language elements and how to use them effectively, and how to easily and efficiently add powerful new functionality to HTML documents and Java applets. The JavaScript Bible, Gold Edition also comes with a Windows/Mac CD-ROM which includes over 100 sample scripts, on -screen quick-reference, and hundreds of megabytes of usable Web design elements and software.

From the Back Cover: "I highly recommend Danny Goodman's JavaScript Bible." —Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript

"I continue to use the book (JavaScript Bible) on a daily basis and would be lost without it." —Mike Warner, Founder, Oak Place Publications

"Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this is a great book to get." —Brant Mutch, Web Application Developer, Wells Fargo Card Services, Inc.
• Advance your JavaScript skills with the most comprehensive resource available
• Conquer high-end scripting challenges using the latest techniques
• Optimize scripts for Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape Navigator 6

The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript for Professionals: Featuring 15 bonus chapters with expanded coverage of data validation, debugging, plug-ins, security, and more, plus nine chapters on ready-to-use applications, this monumental reference is truly the most comprehensive and useful guide to JavaScript available today. Writing with his trademark clarity and verve, leading JavaScript authority Danny Goodman covers everything from Cascading Style Sheets and Document Object Models to XML data — and gives you all the tools you need to harness the full power of client-side JavaScript.

Encyclopedic coverage of JavaScript and DOMs:
• Master JavaScript and DOM concepts with Danny's exclusive interactive workbench:
• The Evaluator Learn state-of-the-art debugging and tracing tricks
• Apply the latest JavaScript 1.5 exception handling and custom object techniques
• Implement cross-browser Dynamic HTML applications for MSIE 5.5 and Navigator 6
• Embed a universal sound plug-in controller in your page
• Develop deployment strategies that best suit your content goals and target audiencs

CD-ROM includes:
• A searchable e-version of the book
• Nearly 300 ready-to-run scripts from the book
• Printable version of the JavaScript and Browser Object Quick Reference
• Plus the full version of WebSpice Objects, a demo of BBEdit, and TextPad shareware

About the Author: Danny Goodman is the author of numerous critically acclaimed and best-selling books, including The Complete HyperCard Handbook, Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook, and Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference. He is a renowned authority and expert teacher of computer scripting languages and is widely known for his "javaScript Apostle" articles at Netscape's ViewSource online developers newsletter. His writing style and pedagogy continue to earn praise from readers and teachers around the world. To help keep his finger on the pulse of real-world programming challenges, Goodman frequently lends his touch as consulting programmer and designer to leading-edge World Wide Web and intranet sites from his home base in San Francisco area.

Customer Reviews
What a joke!, January 26, 2002
Reviewer: Jim Bennett from Gladstone, OR USA

The 'tutorial' consists of over 120 pages - which are NOT in the book but are on the .PDF file on the CD - but you can't print the pages. Several files are missing. I used to have a lot of respect for Danny Goodman but this is the last book of his (or his publisher's ) I'll ever purchase. What a waste of [money] - pathetic. Was this review helpful to you?

Just starting but finding bugs, January 13, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from San Diego, CA USA

I am just starting to seriously use this book and am beginning to find a problem that I see in so many technical books. I am a programmer with over 26 years of experience in everything from mainframes to PDA's. It really is a big personal thing but I just hate it when a book gives an example that contains bugs and doesn't run. That's the case with this one. the evaluator.js and the "trace()" functions in the book both cause an error in any browser (well at least IE and NN). Doesn't any technical author run their examples and especially those used to debug the scirpts. I've also visited the author's web site and there is no mention of it there. Was this review helpful to you?

Ok, Lots and lots of info, but frankly, I don't like it., November 13, 2001
Reviewer: Bruce Davis from Ohio

Alright I'm pretty new to javascript, I was looking for basic guidance with 'if, then, else' statements and 'for' loops. About 12 early chapters of this book are on CD ONLY, in PDF format. I for one, don't want to sit and study a computer monitor, when I am going to study, I want it on paper! So, I opened the PDF file and found the sections of information that I needed, then went to print... Guess what... Mr. Goodman disabled the printing function in the PDF files. I'll tell you one thing, it really made me angry that I wasn't even allowed to print the info I needed. On top of that, much of the information in the book is awkwardly organized. I'm better off with using MSDN Jscript Language reference.

Good for experienced JavaScript programmers., August 7, 2001
Reviewer: pompousjerk from WA

If your frustrated by Netscape 2, 3, 4, 6, and IE 3, 4, 5, 5.5 all having different implementations of JavaScript, this book is for you. It covers everything, even the W3C DOM. One of the stupid moves was the tutorial. It's only on the PDF version of the book on the CD. And the 15 extra chapters could have easily gone in it's place. Hmm.... Oh, well. If you want a reference, buy it. If not, look elsewhere.

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